application situation for car turning

Industrial transfer vehicles have many applications, such as handling steel coils, mold lifting equipment, mold lifting, radioactive waste containers, manufacturing structures and machine subassemblies.
The engineer transfers the vehicle to the car according to your specific specifications. According to the application situation, drive system may include: non powered trailer, the AC motor power supply cable reel; with a closed wire or strap system, DC motor battery powered by 24V or larger, hydraulic motor driven by propane fuel for internal combustion engine. The automatic coil carrier is installed on the track. It is designed to move steel coils weighing 42 tons and handle coils with a maximum diameter of 80 inches and a maximum width of 72 inches. Welded steel manufacturing, this kind of drag mold car is your flexible operation supplement. The top platform is equipped with super rail low friction roller section, easy to die transfer. It has a steel hanger pin that makes it easy for the forklift to move around the factory. This free custom coil installer can be easily moved throughout the factory. It combines the advantages of forklifts, elevators and coil cars to maximize productivity. Designed for handling various coil sizes and weights. Optional 12 or 24 volt DC motor, this steerable walking coil mounting machine can handle steel wire and coil, and roll paper products, such as paper or plastic. Standard functions include batteries and built-in chargers. Optional options include non damaging surfaces to minimize damage to special materials. A 50 ton coil truck can carry two 25 metric tons of coils. The replaceable wear pad protects the coil surface. The operator walks with the car, operating from a hand-held pendant. 20000 lbs transfer truck for mobile stamping dies. The transfer vehicle is battery powered, without the need for cable reels or other external power supplies to the car.

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