Coil car handling machine

A 1000 lbs capacity model car has a battery powered hydraulic elevator and includes a die storage rack system. Scissors lifting coil transfer vehicle has been electrically rotated. The rated capacity is 15000 pounds, designed for handling aluminum coils. The coil is supported by a gravity roller to accommodate the tail alignment of the coil. Propane power transfer vehicle is used to process coils, dies and dies. Propane uses internal combustion engines and on-board PLC and equipment to remotely start engines and transport. (crane operator) collision avoidance sensor will stop the machine. Automatic shutdown after completion of transmission. Coil car automatic following floor line. It can be operated by pendant, remote radio or full automation. Polyurethane covered wheels are rated as operating on first class industrial concrete floors. Economic installation. No orbit required. Easy relocation when needed. Unlimited travel – no power cords.
Focus on the construction of large, large capacity scissors lift and jack screw lifting platform, suitable for a variety of applications. Our scissors lifts and screw lifts are welded with steel structures. The qualified welders meeting the AWS D1.1 standard meet or exceed the ANSI standard mh29.1 “industrial scissor crane safety requirements””. Structural members, including frames, scissors arms, push blocks and roller channels, are provided by high section modulus steel to provide excellent stiffness and strength. Capture the top and bottom channel rolls to minimize deflection and stiffness. A locking pin is provided to keep the legs open so as to maintain safety during maintenance. The coil is used to remove the hydraulic shear platform from the hydraulically controlled top platform. The coil can be lifted, reduced and drained. Design of shear lifting platform for low folding height and high weight applications. The scissor lifting platform adopts the CAM roller assembly mounted on the displacement hydraulic cylinder, which can open the scissors arm. Industrial lifting platform adopts mechanical screw, electric gear motor drive, lifting platform. This table applies to situations where hydraulic or very accurate load positioning is not possible.

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