Stretch Packaging

As a result, discussions surrounding the new stretched packaging equipment often sound like this: “we need another machine like SN XXXX.” I need a price and a delivery time. “After a brief conversation, the price is not a problem, but the delivery time… “Oh, I thought it was two weeks! “Well, sometimes it’s two or three weeks depending on the system.”

However, the automatic line may take longer. Such results often give companies a chance to buy the right technology – they end up with a copy of what they bought in the past or something they can get quickly.

In addition to angina the project manager, there is a long-term cost to cutting those costs.

The thing you need to do today is buy the right machine.

Do you know what your stretching wrapping device looks like today? It’s much like the predecessor of a decade ago. However, there are significant differences in controls, operations, data collection and interpretation, and the factors surrounding OEE. Apply minimal film as quickly as possible while ensuring that it is safely delivered to your destination as a basic premise for efficient packaging. It may sound simple, but the annoying problem of film damage needs to be solved. If this problem is not solved, you may not achieve your goal. The film needs to be consistently applied to the load Angle. And you need to automatically adjust the packaging pattern to different load types. To some extent, these problems are hard to overcome, if at all in the past few years. You need to order a seven year machine to reduce your time. However, your improvements may be lost.

Packaging technology is something you should consider. The repository management system integration is almost every wish list. But if they want to do proper design and programming, it will take some time.