Stretch Wrapper


Now, more cases are being replaced with shrink-wrapped trays in a trend. Trays or unsupported packages are palletized to produce more products that are susceptible to damage. If we’re from the point of view of cargo handling, actually, this is secondary. But if we look at the retail appeal, it’s important.

What are core functions? Are you curious? It’s not something beyond the wall.

Generally speaking, stretching packaging is often considered a simple, final step for people to think, on the way to the loading dock. In fact, this is another logical trace of the “usual way”. “However, now more and more products with less protection of secondary packaging more and more, so, more retail products, such as shelves and tray/end to risk, they are all big retailers. We can see that this is becoming increasingly a problem.”

Actually, this is especially challenging. Because there are often reports of damage, they don’t give it back to people who do the root cause analysis. Nor have these reports of damage been reported to those who instinctively understand the impact on brands and sales. For example, if a user of a large, high-speed packaging device, for example, it would only begin to emphasize the role of pallet packaging. Because in the retail environment, one day, their products have a chaotic situation, and their appearance is also damaged!

It is necessary for the team to solve the problem of procurement and loss reduction. In the traditional sense, in the field of engineering and maintenance, if it is for retail products stretch packaging decision, it is more and more needs a more diverse team to participate in, this is very important thing. Financial and management are excluded, marketing and sustainability are the recommendations of each team. It is their responsibility to improve the stretch wrapping operation.


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