Stretch Wrapper

Marketing, merchandising and sustainability. Below, let’s take a look at the role of stretching packaging in material handling and packaging. As you can see, the stretch wrap is very powerful!

In fact, the idea has always been the same for stretched packaging.

The idea for most people is that stretching is a kind of packaging, or some people think it’s a material handling function. Why is that? The main reason is because this is what it always looks like.

Of course, in the intersection of these functions, equipment often appears in the production and distribution workflow, so we can see that this is a natural tendency.

There is, however, a problem. It’s very clear that you’re cruising in the aisles of a retail store.

A: do you know how packing works? If you look at the explanation below, you will know that it is also very useful!

In fact, packaging has many roles. Although we know that for all products, not all products are applicable. However, we can see how the stretching package ACTS like this:

First, it can extend and guarantee product safety. Keep the product fresh and extend its shelf life. Second, during the period of preservation, the processing and shipment of the products. Third, sell products. Fourth, it can be unified and integrated. Fifth, prevent product damage. Sixth, confirm authenticity. By stretching the packaging, you can achieve the goal of securing your product.

Typically, if it is a huge marketing resource, they will invest in optimizing the design and functionality of the primary packaging.

Recently, there has been an interesting analogy between the packaging of retail products and the optimization of search engines. The article is based on key statistics that include:

First, the first moment Truth70 % store. The second, 28% of consumer decision-making plan still decided to leave the brand shop environment. Third, 10% store. Fourth, 20% of shoppers will switch brand consumer impulse buying categories they had no intention of buying.