Stretch Wrapping


Below, let’s take a look at sustainable packaging, stretch wrap, and P bottles.

Recently, we have studied the effects of stretching packaging on the sustainability of P bottles and the reduction of sources. Now, manufacturers are continuing to look for new ways to improve sustainability. So it’s not surprising that packaging has become the main focus of their efforts.

The P bottle market continues to grow.

We can see that the P bottle manufacturers have made great progress in all aspects of their manufacturing and transportation processes. However, P bottles are entering a growing number of markets.

The problem in this article: recently, beverage marketers have been using P drinks, especially those that are more upscale. “In the last few years, we have made a great contribution to this change,” she continued. “it is for this reason that more and more requests have been recorded. The aim is to develop packaging for quality and tasty water and beer from microbreweries. Because a customized container is what they need, and overconsumption is not needed. In these cases, an interesting solution is P bottles, because the production cost of each bottle was it reduces weight has been reduced, which was also save a lot of shipping costs.

Now, we can see that more and more markets have shifted to this approach, and a high profile goal of sustainable development and reduced sources is to use a single P bottle. Throughout the process, major producers focused on reducing packaging. Especially in the bottle itself.

Do you know the role of stretching packaging in the world of P bottles?

Stretch packaging equipment requirements are sustainable improvement greatly raised, and a very good case also is provided by evolution, so that we can use the case study of how to consider the upstream in the process of stretch packaging change.





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