Do you know how does stretching packaging works?

Do you know how does stretching packaging works?

If you want to understand how stretching packaging works, the first thing you need to understand is why we need to stretch the packaging first.

What is the reason for the packing?

We stretch the packing for many reasons. Load integration is one of the main reasons for stretching. By placing many small packages in a large package, transportation and protection are very convenient for the whole transportation process. The key to getting the goods from their origin to their destination is to prevent damage to the goods. Stretching packaging enables us to achieve two goals in the most efficient way possible. In the “manufacturing” condition, the goods are loaded and delivered.

We can say simply that we stretch the parcel in order to prevent the movement of goods during transportation. Because the main source of damage is movement. Of course, in transit, if the load is damaged, there are other ways to prove it. But a protective measure is provided by stretched packaging, and the probability of a load being reached under “as made” is increased. Of course, you know what that means? It means lower returns, management, credit and rework costs — not to mention happier clients and colleagues.

Since the 1970s, the preferred packaging method for packaging goods is stretching the packaging machine. Do you know what that means? Any company that is related to production, resale or warehousing may have a certain understanding of the stretching package.

However, if you want to make the best decision about stretching the winding machine and the film, one useful thing is to understand the principle of stretching.

Start with the pallet loading and start the stretching package.

Before stretching the packaging process, it is necessary to assemble the tray. Once the load is on the tray, the entire integration will be stretched together, which is the tray and load being stretched together.



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