Do you know that stretching a wrapper can improve productivity?

Do you know that stretching a wrapper can improve productivity? Now, we can look at three ways of increasing productivity in a stretch wrapper. All three are very effective and can help you solve the problem of low productivity. So let’s see.

If you’re looking for ways to increase productivity, if you’re using a stretch wrapper, this stretch wrapper can have a big impact on your production. This is very important.

Now, here are three ways to boost your productivity. Let’s see what these three methods are.

The first method, stretching the wrapper, reduces the risk of shipping losses. This is a great help for productivity improvements.

Do you know what is the cause of the waste? Ship damage is a major cause of loss and waste for manufacturers and retailers. We can see that about a quarter of the transportation products are damaged during transportation. Do you know why? Because they’re not properly wrapped. That’s a $7 billion impact on the economy, and you can see that the impact is huge! And time and energy are wasted. Let’s take examples, for example:

When the tray breaks up in the truck, using human resources and resources to carefully unload and clean up the mess is what you need to do.

If the product is rejected or rejected by the consignee, if it is caused by product damage, you will need a lot of extra manufacturing time.

Do you know what the proper stretching packing does? It can prevent dumping, crushing, and pallet load separation. If the goods are not damaged, nothing is refused. Well, it’s obvious that no one needs to clean up the mess, and the production staff doesn’t have a job to fill the order. So, it saves a lot of manpower. The second method is to stretch the wrapper to reduce the material cost.