Here are three ways to stretch.

Here are three ways to stretch.

There are three kinds of stretching methods: the first one is manual stretching, the second one is semi-automatic stretch wrapping, and the third is the high-speed automatic stretch wrapping.

If it’s manual or manual packaging, they need to rely on workers, as the name suggests, by hand stretch wrapping. One of the things a worker needs to do is fix the film on a tray, and then manually wrap the film over the load at the bottom of the tray.

If it’s handmade, it often requires physical strength. As you can imagine, there is a terrible feeling of dizziness in a hot warehouse. And generally speaking, this produces the highest material costs, because there is not a lot of pre-stretching, and it is very difficult to control specific control.

Do you know what two forms of semi-automatic stretch wrappers are? The first is the rotary extension wrapper, and the other is a straddling wrapper. But in general, the load is placed, and the execution of the stretch wrap is the machine. This is done by rotating the tray. When the film moves up and down, or in the case of a straddle machine, it is necessary to rotate the film around a fixed tray.

Do you know what is high-speed automatic stretch wrapping machine? It is similar to a semi-automatic method, which can perform actual tensile packaging on the machine. However, the feed and discharge conveyor is an automatic stretching package. The automatic cycle load is used when passing through the machine, as well as the application and cutting film.

In fact, there are many applications that can be added to some semi-automatic machines, and some automated improvements can be provided by these machines. For example, automatic cutting and clamping film, and remotely starting lanyard. Forklift operators are allowed to secure their seats on the trucks, even when they are loaded on a semi-automatic machine.