Stretch Wrapping

Like a pot hole, a curb, a sharp turn, an acceleration, a sudden stop, and a turbulent flow, they also bring stress to the load. We all know that if the pallet load is not effectively stretched and packaged, these pressures can cause the product layer or product to move or slip from the tray. This can have a series of negative effects, such as damaged goods, dissatisfied customers, excessive cost and unnecessary waste. These are very bad situations and we need to avoid that. If we can avoid this situation, it will be very helpful to improve our sales volume.

Fourth, deliver control forces.

The total compressive stress on the film applied to the load is the sealing force. The key component of an effective stretch package is it. Usually, we measure it in pounds and ounces. The thing that puts the load together is the seal force. The sealing force is also important.

When a load is stretched, a certain bundle force is generated, which is produced by each layer of film. When you multiply the number of layers times the force exerted on each layer, do you know what you get? Control is what it gets.

Fifth, injury prevention.

Do you know what your best defense is? In fact, we all know that using the right amount of containment is your best defense, and the damage to the goods during transit can also be avoided. Every ship has enough containment power to do what you need to do. If you need to have a few restraining forces you are not sure, from the download our safe shell recommendation graph can start your load! .

Why you should stretch it at the beginning, you can never forget it. The safe arrival of products delivered at the lowest cost to the destination is our goal, and we have always been the target. To achieve this, you need to remember the five basic principles of stretching packaging!