Stretch Wrapping

Earthquake and stretch wrap? What did you say? Do you know what impact the earthquake will have on the stretch packaging?

Have you ever had an earthquake there? How much damage can 30 seconds of vibration do? This is very surprising. Because if there is more than 30 seconds of vibration, if your tray has a bad quality, it will cause a lot of damage to your product!

From the vibrations of “mini earthquakes”, your pallets must survive, as these products need to be shipped to your customers. If the product breaks down during transportation, your customers will lose their temper!

Better engineering, design and building codes can be greatly reduced in order to damage the earthquake. So, you can reduce the damage caused by the earthquake by improving the stability of your tray! Likewise, if you use a better stretch wrap, small earthquakes can be greatly reduced in the risk of damage to your pallet. In this way, your product can be well protected.

Today, we can see that billions of dollars of packaging can be damaged in transit because of the pallet. The rubbish is obscene: overflowing landfills. Happened if your tray is damaged, you need to face to have a lot of things, for example, the cost of reprocessing and reclamation, disappointed customers, unnecessary rework, and lower profits – but all this is just the beginning.

So, don’t be hurt by small earthquakes that you need to make sure of. The impact of your load on the customer needs to be reduced as much as possible because the risk of damage to the product will be greatly reduced. In fact, it’s not that hard if you put your heart into it. At the same time, the benefits are enormous.

Starting today, you can reduce product damage by stretching the packaging more effectively. Below, you can get 10 steps!