Stretch Wrapping


Do you know what stretch packaging terminology is? What is single? Below, we can know concrete!

One of the many technical terms that we use in the stretch packaging industry is single.

In fact, the idea of stretching packaging and integration can develop and be successful. Do you know who is responsible for this? This is due to some of its ancestors: floor loading, steel bundling and shrink-wrapped packaging.

It’s loaded from the floor. The way a whole truck is unified is the floor loading. Before the truck was filled, we could see that a group of people were required to pack each box tightly into the unmovable layer. In fact, the process is quite labor-intensive. At the same time, it is necessary to do this for a long time.

The first mechanism to use the product for a tray is the steel strip. Under the control of pallets and products, they are run around the load. They work well, but it turns out that this science is an imprecise science. Because it is labor-intensive and complicated. For many smaller companies, they are still in use of these systems to temporary load, especially in the delivery of a single product, such as equipment), the situation will become more obvious.

One way to fully include and wrap is to shrink the packaging, but the strip is not. Do you see a big plastic bag? It was loosely pulled over the entire tray, then the big plastic bag was put into a huge oven like heater or exploded with a hot gun. Because there’s a lot of heat, it’s enough to make the plastic shrink in the load. But it is extremely expensive to produce this heat, and it takes extra time, which is very unfortunate. You may have seen bottled water in this way. In fact, we all know that this is fine for smaller loads. But, for a tray, it won’t be a good result because it’s time-consuming and expensive.

During this time, the stretching package was retained by most shippers. Because to make them the most difficult or “problematic” load, because of the high cost of the stretch film. However, the new stretching packaging technology, such as “pre-stretching”, greatly improves the production of the stretch film, and we can see that its variables are roughly doubled. At the same time, the effective stretch packaging costs are provided for all products and loads. Today, the world’s general load standard is stretched packaging.

One of the contributions of the stretching packaging industry to the shipping world is integration. Generally speaking, the transport loss and the safe shipment of goods can be reduced. Because transport losses are reduced, it helps manufacturers and customers save money. Downtime has also been reduced. It can also help shippers avoid heavy losses. Meanwhile, angry customers won’t show up again.