The right machine is suitable for the right job.

The right machine is suitable for the right job.

Do you know what the unique challenges of the distribution center mean? It means special consideration when choosing tray packaging.

First, generally speaking, the best solution to a distribution center may not be a turntable wrapper. The best solution to unsteady loads is not a turntable wrapper. In fact, the packaging above is better.

Second, it is important to understand the size of the load that needs to be wrapped. On a machine designed for shorter height, if you want to try to use a high pallet package. It would be dangerous and troublesome. On the contrary, if it is the same, it applies to attempts to package vertical packages on horizontal packaging machines.

The machine and the film carriage should match the height of the product. Ringer or horizontal packaging machines should be used when the product needs to be packaged at the top.

In an astonishing number of distribution centers, automatic retractable packaging is used. One popular choice is the automatic stretch wrappers used in beer and soda plants.

Distributed packaging is also common in distribution centers – especially semi-automation. One factor is redundancy. Many distribution centers run on tight schedules, and delays in machine downtime are not sustainable.

If you want to find the right machine for the right job, the only real answer is the correct number.

Plan, layout and safety.

Ideally, the flow of workers should be studied. It is also very important to arrange the packaging carefully. Because our purpose is to make it easy for workers to enter. In safety considerations, in the stretched packaging, allow enough space to manipulate the elastic plates. We can see that this will also play an important role.

Planning is the key to the elastic packaging efficiency of distribution center. After the unique challenges of the distribution center are understood, the best approach is what you need to do because you need to use the stretch wrap to improve efficiency and security.