pipe coiler

Automatic coiler for hose and pipe

Automatic Coiling Machine

  1. Feature:
    • can be linkage with pay-off rack and extruder line
    • coiling speed is four times than the manual coil
    • can be linkage with automatic wrapping machine so that automatically wrap PVC film and put up Label after coiling
    • if automatic coiling machine and automatic wrapping machine at the same time operate, the speed will be seven times than manual operation
    • servo motor traverse, traverse is more perfect and beautiful than manual winding wire
    • PLC can store 99 kinds of wire reel specification, when need change wire reel specification, only need to read stored specifications.
    • with automatic inspect wrong function, automatic send signal when wrong come out


series automatic sealing machine hand adjustment. The sm-11 model is an automatic “fixed-format” closure machine: this means that all adjustments need to be done manually in a correct way. It is used for long operations and has the same box size. The machine automatically connects the strap to the bottom and top of the box. Adjust and use intuitive, simple, quick. Main features: four-automatic folding device, manual adjustment for different box sizes, transmission belt (75mm on each side), 21m/min. 2 motor drive belt speed (0, 13 kw), the side pressure roller keeps the closed roof, and the working height can be adjusted from 500-750 mm.