Automatic steel coil packaging line and handling system

coil wrapping machines packing line

Top manufacurer providing steel coil handling and packaging system per different coil size.

steel coil packing line for coil slitting line

1. Coil handling and strapping amchine


As a manufacturer, FHOPE provides different coil packaging system per requirement.

Before offering a solution following information required.

What is the function(each station) required for the packing line, please provide the description.

All you can choose or add the function base one following drawing.

  1. Basic info.
Steel Coil No. OD (mm) ID(mm) WIDTH(mm) WEIGHT(Kg)


  1. Coil turnstiler:   it provided by your company or us what is the Max.length of the arm?
  2. Strapping station:
  3. what is the strapping machine:    manually tool    Semiauto machine    automatic strapping machine
  4. What is the strapping material: PP, PET, steel belt?
  5. Wrapping machine:  what is the packing material, such as stretch film, paper, knit belt…?
  6. Stacking machine: How many stacking station required?  What is the Max. stacking height?

2.  Steel coil wrapping and stacking system

Steel Coil Packaging line

Operating location and resources

  • LOCATION – Modernized packing line must fit to the existing packing linearea
  • ONE MAN LINE – Running the modernized packing line and controlling the coil logistics between the slitting lines and packing line must be possible to handle with only one man in each


  • SAFE – Safety systems must be up to date and possible to use according to safety methods.

Packing material

  • COMPANY STANDARDS – Modernized line must use the packing materials according to the company standards

Equipment and automation systems

  • SUPPORT – System support and spare parts available for all theequipment
  • FLEXIBLE – Horizontal packing line feeding with open coil AGVstands
  • PACKING CODE MANAGEMENT – Packing codes and coil information must be handled in the packing line and between the line L2 and CRM L3 automatically (coil data, AGV,)


  • MECHANICAL PROTECTION – The present mechanical issues on the horizontal packages must be solved.
  • MOISTURE PROTECTION – The present moisture issues on the horizontal packages must besolved
  • SAFETY – The pallet strapping on the vertical line must be changed to through the eye