Do you know how to stretch the packaging to help you?

Do you know how to stretch the packaging to help you? It can help you in two ways — the first way is to use the visual effect of the stretch film, and the second way is to provide information about the payload. You can see in a moment that these two methods are very effective!

As we all know, color film is a visual indicator that can help you see tampering. It’s very effective. If you have the visual effect of stretching the film, then the theft of your product will be greatly reduced!

In color films, if you use a film wrapped in colored film, it is more likely to be found than the load that is wrapped in a clear thin film. In addition, the content of the load is hidden by opaque colored film, while the temptation to steal may be reduced.

For the color stretch film, if you want to buy it, you can buy it at different price points. The size of the film, the quality of the film and the amount of purchase are the factors that determine it. It can help you keep track of products that you have shipped with information.

Your weight needs to be weighed. At the same time, comparing weight with their arrival weight is what you need to do. Now, it’s a very popular way to detect theft.

In fact, it is easy to do for the weighing load, and if you want to promote the process, there are various types of sizes. In many cases, the weight is actually combined with the stretching package. It is also possible to integrate a scale into the turntable of a stretched winding machine.

A load, its weight record shows that it is unlikely to be stolen during shipping time, which is a good thing. Because if it is a potential thief, they may realize that the load may check when it reaches the customer.



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