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Customized Solutions

Our team with more than 15+ years of experience specializes in providing customized upender solutions according to your specific requirements. We take into consideration load shape, maximum loading capacity, handling method, and more to ensure the perfect fit for your needs. Whether it’s a mold upender, coil upender, roll upender, or any other specialized upender, we’ve got you covered.

upender and inverter

Structural Reinforcement

To ensure the durability and safety of our upender machines, we focus on reinforcing key structural components using advanced structural mechanics techniques. This allows our upenders to handle even the biggest and heaviest loads with ease, providing you with a reliable and secure lifting or turning solution.

Roll upender

Flexible Working Tables

We understand that different loads require specific handling configurations. That’s why we offer flexible working tables that can be designed in special forms to accommodate different load sizes and shapes. Whether it’s a unique mold, coil, roll, or any other load shape, our upenders can be tailored to meet your handling goals.


Maximum Loading Capacity

Max.loading capacity is crucial in determining the overall performance and capability of an upender machine. At Coil Upender, we prioritize maximum loading capacity as it directly influences the design and manufacturing of our machines. You can trust our upenders to effortlessly handle heavy loads while maintaining efficiency and durability.

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